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Friends of Guiding

So, Guiding is all about friends and we all enjoy meeting new people.

We are keen to reach out and include those who aren’t full members but who also have an interest in who we are and what we are doing. Some people have an interest in a particular element of Guiding or a certain project, others just want to keep in touch with something they may have enjoyed or are interested in but cannot commit to being a full member.

Within Girlguiding North Yorkshire West we have a number of friends groups available for you to join:

Friends of Birk Crag

Thank you for your interest in and support for Birk Crag Centre. As part of our ongoing development of Birk Crag Centre we will be forming a Friends of Birk Crag Centre group which you can join.

The group will be made up of supporters of the project and will be regularly informed of developments and news. To find out more about the Friends of Birk Crag Centre group, keep checking back on this page where details of the membership will be published.

Alternatively, to register your interest in becoming a member of this new group, why not contact us?

Friends of Guiding (Ripon Division)

Friends of Guiding Groups can be formed in Counties, Divisions or Districts to help and give support in many ways. Members need not necessarily have been part of Girlguiding UK, and often are parents of past and present members.They help with such activities as fund raising, badge work and testing, and special events.

Friends groups enjoy helping with the practical parts of Guiding and in raising the profile of Guiding in general. All members of the adult community can be involved and there are many people who are in sympathy with the aims of Guiding and who are willing to give some of their time.

Girlguiding Ripon Division is pleased to support their Friends of Guiding group who encourage and follow Guiding in the area and keep in touch with the achievements and developments locally. If you are interested in finding out more, or joining this group, why not contact us.

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