Subscriptions 2018

The subscriptions process for 2018 has begun
Key dates for you:
23rd January – your trial invoices will be available to view and download from GO
5th February – you will be sent a reminder if you have not viewed your trial invoice by this date
19th February, Midnight – no more changes can be made to trial invoices. GO and the subscriptions system will be unavailable
20th February, Noon – GO will be available after scheduled maintenance
22nd February, Noon – your official and payable invoices will be available to download from GO
20th March – a reminder will be sent to you if an official invoice payment has not been received
3rd April, Noon – all subscription payments must have been received in full by this date

How to log into the subscriptions system:
You will need to log into GO to access the subscriptions system. Please contact if you need help with this.

How to view your invoice:
There is a large subscriptions button on the top right hand side of the GO home screen. This takes you to the subscriptions website where details of how to view your invoice can be found.

Posted on February 5, 2018
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