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Leaders have fun too! In order to become a Leader in Girlguiding UK you need to complete a short Leadership Qualification.

With a mentor who is there to support you, you will work through a series of clauses and trainings whilst you work in a unit setting, all to ensure you are ready for the experiences you will have as a member of a unit Leadership Team.

Adult Leaders are aged 18+ (although you can start working on, but not be awarded your Leadership Qualification from the age of 16) and wear their own choice of Girlguiding UK Leader wear (appropriate to their role and planned activities) which is available from your local Guide shop. As full members of Girlguiding UK, Leaders make their promise in a setting of their choice as their exciting Guiding journey begins.

What do leaders do in Guiding?

Once working with a unit, you are able to enjoy the challenges, adventures and experiences that you plan for the members of your unit. This might be working together to plan a weekly meeting, special event or camp/holiday away together. At every step of the way there is a team of Advisers and other Leaders available for support and guidance.


A calendar of regular training events is planned and run to ensure that you have access to the expertise and support you need, and also the chance to meet up with others working in a similar role.

It’s great fun!

But there’s more than that – Leaders enjoy spending time together with Guiding friends, have the opportunity to travel internationally, make memories and celebrate achievements. After the excitement of our Centenary year, a special Leaders ‘thank you’ event was planned to recognise and celebrate our achievements over the year – it was so popular we might have to hold something similar soon!

Guiding is all about celebrating and developing the individual and this applies to Leaders too – we’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for what else we can offer, where you’d like Guiding to take you and together we’ll see what we can make happen!

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