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The Senior Section


Senior Section

The Senior Section offers fun, friendship and opportunities for members aged 14-25.

This may be through many roles including as members of Senior Section or Ranger units, as Young Leaders, Leaders in Training, Leaders of units or Peer educators.

Rangers – a new section for girls aged 14-18 – will replace The Senior Section from the start of the academic year 2019/20.

Opportunities available to members of this section include leadership training, outdoor activities, international travel, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold), The Queen’s Guide Award, Young Leader Qualification, Commonwealth Award, camps and holidays, and the chance to get involved in Guiding relating to the issues that interest you.

Members of the Senior Section work towards the Look Wider Scheme, based around 8 octants (Leadership, Creativity, Personal Values, Outdoors, Fit for Life, International, Community Action and Independent Living).

There are always lots of exciting and challenging opportunities available for 14-25 year olds, either as Leaders or helpers or just to come along and enjoy – watch out for events and flyers on the Events and Opportunities section of the website or contact the Senior Section Team if you have queries, requests or just want to chat about all things Senior Section.Find out more about Senior Section

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